Class Reps

Student representation exists at all levels throughout the University. The majority of this representation is coordinated through the AUSA Education Vice President and Class Representation Manager. They ensure that students are represented at every level possible at the University. They make sure that representatives are elected, organise and carry out training for representatives and provide ongoing support for ALL representatives.

Within each Department there are Class Representatives or Year Representatives. The student reps have two major roles to fulfil. Firstly they are advocates for the class or year they represent. This means they help mediate solutions to problems that affect their fellow students. Their second role is to be a member of the department SSCCs or Staff Student Consultative Committees. These are meetings that occur at least twice a semester, and where the students reps and academic staff talk about departmental issues. The students should then report back any items they feel are of importance to the students they represent.

Within each Faculty there are also SSCCs. Each departmental SSCC should elect a student rep to sit on the faculty SSCC. This person should take to these meetings issues that are decided upon at the departmental SSCCs. After the meetings the faculty reps should report back to their departmental SSCCs.

However, student representation doesn’t stop there. There are various committees that meet on a regular basis around the university. From the Teaching and Learning Quality Committee (TLQC) through the Education Committee, right up into the Senate and Council. There are students representatives who sit on these committees. They speak on behalf of the students of the university.

  • To hear about crucial student issues from university committees
  • To share concerns from departments and faculties
  • To prepare for the monthly meeting with the Vice Chancellor

Without this flow of information there are many things that occur that no-one ever hears of.

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