Dental Grant Appplication

AUSA & Alpers Dental Grant

Grants are closed until 2020

The aim of the grant is to provide urgent dental care to University of Auckland students who cannot afford it. AUSA and Alpers offer ten grants per year. The dental grant includes a dental exam, x-rays, hygiene and up to $200 towards dental treatment if required.

The Dental Grant is provided by Alpers Dental in Newmarket. Alpers also offer a friends and family student discount card plan, Join now and receive $50 off every appointment at Alpers for you and 4 other students! Enquire with Alpers for more details

To find out more about Alpers Dental follow this link:


To apply, you must be an University of Auckland student.

To apply for this grant, please fill in ALL details on the form provided and attach/upload ALL relevant documents. Extra detail is always preferable and missing information will delay your application.

Please note that confidentiality of the applicant is always honoured.

All applicants will be contacted by AUSA’s Welfare Vice President about whether their application is successful or not.

Note: Applications are open all year.

Other services

AUSA has other forms of welfare that you may be eligible for:

Foodbank: Each student is eligible to collect up to three food parcels a semester from AUSA reception at 4 Alfred St. If you have dependents, please contact and the welfare team will provide a family sized parcel.

Hardship grant: AUSA provides hardship grants of up to $250 or $400 for those with dependents per semester. Apply online here.

Textbook grant: This is available at the beginning of each semester for students struggling to cover the costs of textbooks. The form can be found online at under “support.”

Parent Space: AUSA runs Parentspace in the City Campus in Old Choral Hall Building 104, Room G17. It is open 8.30am – 4.00pm. It includes a study desk, lounge, toys, and books.

Student Advice Hub: The AUSA Student Advice Hub offers free support, advice and information to all students. The hub provides a range of free advocacy for tenancy, employment, academic and other issues. Contact to get in touch.

If you have any queries, about this grant or any of our other services, please contact the Welfare Vice President on

AUSA and Alpers Dental Grant Application Form

Personal Details

Demographic Information

AUSA acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals. AUSA Advocacy collects, stores, uses, updates, discloses and disposes of all personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

Living and Employment Details

Income Details

Expense Details

Balance Details

Situation Details

Supporting Documentation

I declare that all information provided by me is true and correct and that no relevant information has been withheld.

I understand that if I have not provided the correct documentation or information to support my application it will not be processed.

I understand that all of the information and documentation I have provided in this application will remain completely confidential to the AUSA Welfare Committee, except for demographic information which may be used and published for statistical purposes.

I understand that the decision of the AUSA Welfare Committee is final.