Hardship Grant Application

The AUSA Welfare Hardship Grants scheme was set up to assist students in hardship with the basic necessities of life.

We do not pay for items like

  • Parking tickets & fines
  • Arrears from Finance Companies
  • Bad Debt
  • Course Fees
  • Membership Fees (Gyms/ Clubs)
  • Domestic & International Flights

Your Hardship situation or the bills that you need to pay must be

  • Short Term
  • Unexpected
  • Threaten your University Study


  • You have not already accessed the hardship fund within the current semester
  • You must be employed or seeking employment

What is the Hardship Grant Scheme?

AUSA’s Hardship Grant Scheme gives monetary grants to students who are experiencing severe financial difficulties.

Successful applicants will be granted up to $250 depending on their situation and need, or up to $400 if they are caring for dependents.

NOTE: Financial need must fall under one of the following four categories to be considered: food, accommodation, travel, medical.


You must be a University of Auckland student

You must not a member of the AUSA Executive or Staff

You must be employed, seeking employment, or be unable to do so

You must fill in this form completely with all relevant attachments, including a copy of your bank statement with all transactions for the previous two weeks


Your application will be assessed by the AUSA Welfare Committee on your financial situation and whether it is

  • Short term
  • Unexpected
  • Threatening your university study

You will be notified by email of the decision within two working days

For help or more information, please contact

AUSA Welfare Vice President


If your situation falls outside the criteria or is an exceptional circumstance, we may still be able to help you. Please contact the Welfare Vice President for more information.

Hardship Grant Application Form

Personal Details

AUSA acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals. AUSA Advocacy collects, stores, uses, updates, discloses and disposes of all personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

Demographic Information

Living and Employment Details

Bank Details

Income Details

Expense Details

Balance Details

Situation Details

Supporting Documentation (Required)

I declare that all information provided by me is true and correct and that no relevant information has been withheld.

I declare that I have provided an accurate copy of all my current bank accounts, including all my transactions over the past two weeks.

I understand that if I have not provided the correct documentation or information to support my application it will not be processed.

I understand that all of the information and documentation I have provided in this application will remain completely confidential to the AUSA Welfare Committee, except for demographic information which may be used and published for statistical purposes.

I understand that the decision of the AUSA Welfare Committee is final.