Textbook Grant Application

AUSA & Ubiq Text Book Grants

Grants are closed until 2020

The AUSA & UBIQ Text Book Grant rewards and assists AUSA members who have shown a significant and ongoing commitment to study and academic work despite facing adverse personal circumstances beyond their control.

Grant Name: Text Book Grant (sponsored by AUSA and UBIQ)

Criteria: The student must be currently experiencing adverse personal circumstances beyond their control. Applicants need to show the effort they have made to overcome these circumstances in attached transcript and character reference.

Duration: 1 Semester

Value per semester: $3,000 will be divided between applicants meeting the criteria. Preference will be given to applicants with prescribed text book costs. These will be evaluated according to their enrolment for the coming semester.


Applicants need to:

  • Fill out the personal, academic, and financial details required on this web form
  • Attach a copy of their Academic Transcript to the form
    To do this, log in to  Student Services Online
    Click “Unofficial Transcript” underneath “Self Service” and click the double arrows.
    Select “Internal/Web Transcript” under “Report Type” and click the “View Report” button. When this has loaded, make sure any pop-up blocker you might have is disabled and click “View Report”. This will generate a PDF which you can download and then attach to this form.
  • Attach any supporting documentation such as character references to the form

This grant is currently closed.