Annual Executive Elections

The Annual Executive Elections are your chance to put your name forward to be part of the AUSA Executive for 2020 and to vote on who makes up your AUSA Executive for next year. Roles up for grabs range from the Campaigns and Women’s Rights Officers to the Education VP and President. Being part of the Executive means being part of the team that decides what AUSA does for students and who governs AUSA on behalf of students. You can find more about each role and what it entails here.

Any student enrolled at the University of Auckland can vote - it doesn’t matter if you aren’t a member of AUSA.

You can run for any role at AUSA if:

  • at the time of your nomination, you’re still a student at the University of Auckland and you meet any other conditions attached to the role you are seeking
  • at the time of nomination, you are a member of AUSA
  • you aren’t disqualified from being an Officer of an Incorporated Society
  • you complete and submit a Nomination Form before Monday 9th September 2019
  • you agree that, if elected, you will be able to abide by the conditions set out in the Executive Membership Policy pertaining to the role you are seeking.

Calls for the Annual Executive Elections open Tuesday 27 August and close Monday 9 September. Candidates can campaign from Monday 16 September until the end of voting.

Portfolio Nomination Form can be downloaded here

Officer Nomination Form can be downloaded here

Annual Referenda

The Annual Referenda is your chance to put issues and questions of importance to the student body to a vote! This is the chance to influence, or even determine, the direction of AUSA on a particular issue. Keen for AUSA to lobby the University on a particular issue or for AUSA to do something you’ve always wanted it to do? This is your chance to do so.

Your question will be put to a referendum of the student body if:

  • it can be answered as either YES or NO
  • It’s put in a form that has your signature and the signature of nine other people in support;
  • you get your form to the Office Manager before the call for questions for referenda close; and
  • the Executive determines that it is allowed under Section 18(2) of the AUSA Constitution (basically, it’s not biased, offensive, unlawful or unfair on a group or individuals).

Calls for Referenda open Tuesday 27 August and close Monday 9 September. Voting on Referenda questions take place from Monday 23 September to Friday 27 September.

The Referenda Form is available here

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