Executive Roles


The President of AUSA is the Head of AUSA, responsible for leading and directing the Association’s Executive and Staff. As AUSA is without a General Manager (which all other Student Associations throughout the country currently have) to manage its 11 full-time staff members, the President is also responsible for managing AUSA’s staff ensuring that both the Staff and the Executive are delivering for our students (ie, representing them, catering events, providing welfare and advocacy services). Day to day, the President is in charge of overseeing everything to do with AUSA – from the actions of the Executive, concerns, issues and workload of AUSA staff, liaising with University officials, chairing Executive and Student Council Meetings, acting as the official spokesperson of the Association and providing governance over AUSA’s affiliated trusts and businesses which include Ubiq, 95bFM and Shadows. The role of AUSA President is a full-time role. As a result, the Executive Membership Policy requires that the President cannot take more than one course per Semester to ensure that they are fully devoted to managing and leading AUSA. 


The Treasurer-Secretary of AUSA is responsible for, with the President, creating AUSA’s Budget and providing oversight over AUSA’s financial performance. In addition to this, the Treasurer-Secretary sits on the various Trusts and Boards that comprise AUSA’s various entities. The Treasurer-Secretary is Chair of the AUSA Finance Committee and provides administrative assistance to the President which includes helping the President manage the AUSA Executive’s performance against their goals and compiling minutes and agendas with the Association Secretary. 

Engagement Vice-President 

The Engagement Vice-President of AUSA is responsible for overseeing and managing the delivery of AUSA’s Events Calendar. In conjunction with the AUSA Events/Sponsorship Manager, the Engagement Vice-President is responsible for delivering AUSA’s bigger professional events (for instance, the annual O Week Concert, Party in the Park) and AUSA’s Weeks programme through the Events Tender Process. The Engagement Vice-President is both the organiser-in-chief for delivering AUSA’s Weeks and assisting in organising AUSA’s bigger, professional events, and actually running these events on the ground. 

Welfare Vice-President 

The Welfare Vice-President of AUSA is responsible for AUSA’s student welfare advocacy on University level committees and for managing AUSA’s welfare grants process and food bank in conjunction with the relevant AUSA staff. The Welfare Vice-President also coordinates various welfare initiatives alongside AUSA’s partners in the University such as Campus Life and the Equity Office and sits on Committees such as the Equity Leadership Council, Equity Community of Interest, Senate and Discipline Committee. 

Education Vice-President 

The Education Vice-President of AUSA is AUSA’s (and the student body’s) representative on a variety of different academic decision-making bodies at AUSA. The Education VPs job is to voice the concerns of those students whose education will be impacted (positively or negatively) by a change in University policy (such as Lecture Recordings and Assessment) or through the implementation (or deletion) of a programme of study. The Education Vice-President finds out what students think by being Secretary of the Student Council and engaging with the views of our different Faculty and School Students’ Associations. The Education Vice-President also assists the Class Representatives Manager in the delivery of Class Reps training and assistance. 

Campaigns Officer 

The Campaigns Officer of AUSA leads and co-ordinates AUSA’s campaigns initiatives. These campaigns can be anything ranging from a “Get Out the Vote” Campaign for the General Election in 2020, to an awareness campaign about an issue of concern. The Campaigns Officer also assists the Engagement Vice-President of AUSA in the delivery of AUSA’s political and sustainability focused events. 

Women’s Rights Officer 

The Women’s Rights Officer (WRO) supports, advocates for and represents all self-identifying women on campus. She provides support, resources and advice from Womxnspace, a space exclusively for self-identifying women in the Student Union building. She organises Womxnsfest/ Feminist Festival, supports clubs like Thursdays in Black and publishes Kate magazine. Throughout the year, she brings concerns to AUSA and the University about issues that particularly affect women students, such as safety on campus.

Design Officer 

The Design Officer is responsible for coordinating AUSA’s social media presence, communicating with the student body about important AUSA and University updates and assisting in the creation of designs for campaigns and events in co-ordination with the appropriate AUSA staff. The Design Officer is present at all major AUSA events taking photos and ensuring the world at large (or at least the student body) is seeing all that’s on offer from AUSA during our major events and other initiatives. 

International Students Officer 

The International Students’ Officer is responsible to the Executive for matters concerning international students. They ensure that international students have a voice on campus, representing their constituency to AUSA and to the University. They also work to make our campus a better place for international students, hosting events and distributing information targeted at international students. The International Students Officer has to be an international student. 

Queer Rights Officer 

The Queer Rights Officer is responsible for supporting, representing and advocating on behalf of queer students to the University and AUSA. The QRO works closely with the Equity Office, runs events and campaigns around queer issues, and is responsible for looking after Queerspace, a safe space provided by AUSA for queer students. In the past, the QRO has lobbied for and celebrated marriage equality, successfully created a designated Queerspace, and lobbied on issues like use of preferred names and access to queer networks on campus.

Satellite Campus Representative 

The Satellite Campus Representative is responsible for representing and serving students studying at the satellite campuses which currently include Grafton, Epsom, Newmarket, Tamaki and Tai Tokerau. In their role, they work with students and the students’ associations at these campuses ensuring that AUSA has a presence, and is supporting, those students. This includes helping to run and co-ordinating various events at the Satellite Campuses and bringing the University’s attention to issues affecting students on other campuses.